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juin 18, 2015

The early stage of Texas hold’em

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Some of the most popular poker variants are the ones played with community cards and Texas hold‘em is the one that has most fans worldwide. This is the game played in major tournaments, such as the World Series of poker, the world poker tour and European poker tour.

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The game has been played for decades and it is now enjoyed both live and over the Internet, with at least two and a maximum of 10 players involved.

The early stage of Texas hold’em

Regardless of how many players participate in this game of poker, the action always starts with the pre-flop stage in which players are supposed to place the blinds.


One player is being assigned the dealer button, while the one left to him has to pay the small blind and the one to his left has the big blind posted automatically. The other players need to decide for themselves whether to fold, call or raise and it all depends on their starting hand. A strong starting hand will justify a raise, while the vast majority of cards are not playable and should be folded.

The next stage of the game is the flop, when three cards are revealed simultaneously and all of them are community cards because they can be used by all the players. This is when the second betting round begins and by now players already have a pretty accurate idea about their chances to win. The small blind acts first and then action moves to the big blind and so on in a clockwise manner. Participants can check, bet or raise depending on their expectations and chances of winning the hand.

The late stage of Texas hold ‘em

Once the flop stage concludes, an additional card is revealed and this is the “turn” phase which unfolds in exactly the same fashion as the previous. The last street goes by the name of “river” and this is when players make their final bets and raises, with the ones still alive in the hand going to showdown.


This is when players reveal their cards and the one with the strongest combination will claim the pot.

All the five cards on the board can be used, with or without the two hole cards and if two or more players have the same hand, the pot is divided equally among them.

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